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31 Days of Heathenry: Day 29

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

- Do you feel that others have misconceptions when it comes to your faith?

Oh absolutely. Heathenry is the religion for VIKINGS. The goal of Heathenry is to get into Valhalla, so we might feast and fight until the coming of Ragnarok. We are living the Old Ways. Better to be a Wolf of Odin than a Lamb of Jesus. WE DO NOT KNEEL.

Gods that gets old. Heathenry is in a constant state of conflict against atheopagans, archetypalists, the so-called Brosatru and Vikinboos, Folkists, Theods, and even White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis, all of whom are trying to control the narrative to make a strong, male-oriented Norse religion that values violence and masculinity above all else. Heathenry is a community-oriented, animist, polytheist religion, than uses reconstruction methodologies to create a modern religion. We need to dispense with the fantasy, the supremacy, the bigotry, and the toxic masculinity if we are ever to progress into a living religion.

Persistence reveals the Path,



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