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31 Days of Heathenry: Day 31

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

- What’s the one thing you wanted to be asked that didn’t get covered?

I touched on it a few times, but I was able to go deep into Heathen ethics. That would be difficult in a short one-a-day prompt, but it will be a common topic in this blog. From a standard ethics standpoint, there three traditional plus one modern ethical frameworks. (1) Virtue Ethics functions based off of culturally dependent characteristics that are deemed as "virtuous" traits. Morality is internally derived. (2) Deontology functions based off of the supposed "goodness" of an action, regardless of its consequence. Morality is duty-based, derived from action. (3) Consequentialism, or Utilitarianism, functions based off of causal results, and judges the "rightness" of an action only by its outcome, weighing the positive ends against the negative ends. Morality is derived by consequences, determined by a maximum aggregate utility. The modern (4) Care Ethics is a modern synthesis, in which the moral standard is based off of interpersonal connections, actions concerned with well-being, and specific, universal virtues such as compassion. Morality is derived by a holistic societal approach. With these in mind, no particular framework has come out as the most appropriate or efficient option, and the debate continues. I take a further stance of synthesis, known as (5) Moral Particularism, in which morality is entirely contextually derived. There is no single standard or framework that can produce ethical decisions all the time, so we must instead abandon the search for set rules, and look for applicable adaptions to moral and ethical issues. I believe that Heathenry has the potential to create significant and profound ethical stances, and I will explore these at length.

Our actions reverberate across time and space, through the web of Wyrd; we must be aware of our connections.



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